History all around us / Check in to history

Exploring Mt Athos

You will find history all around you here – in the air, in the natural environment, in all the colours and shades of the natural setting. The location of Stavros – a gateway to Mt Athos – is a natural setting which fills one with a sense of hope and peace. A visit to one of the monasteries of Mt Athos is a rare experience for the spirit, an opportunity many visitors to the region are anxious not to miss. The beauty of the natural setting and the unique opportunity to witness the lives of the monks – these can be a life-changing experience.

Exploring Amphipolis

Close to Stavros – just 18km away – lies the ancient city of Amphipolis, where the remains of ancient buildings keep alive the history of our region. Recent finds uncovered in the latest excavations promise yet more amazing revelations about the life of our ancestors.


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