Sea and mountain

Enjoying the sea and the mountains! / Check in to sea and mountain


Let’s go to the seaside!

Stavros takes great pride in its azure waters and immaculate sandy beaches, awarded each year with EU Blue Flags. The golden sands are the ideal venue for games at the water’s edge, while local entrepreneurs offer music and cool shady cafés and bars where you can enjoy refreshing fruit juices.

Enjoying water sports!

Stavros offers an unbelievable range of water sports, the beaches are alive with buzzing energy and happy faces. Surfers flock to the beautiful Lake Volvi to enjoy the gentle breezes and a unique water sporting experience.

Enjoying the mountains!

Anyone who loves the tranquil life of nature will discover that the blue waters of the beaches of Stavros are complemented by its magical, verdant forests. The Stavros Mountaineering Association organizes mountain races for people of all ages, as well as delightful guided tours along the mountain trails.

Wellness and well-being

For those seeking total relaxation, the area also offers the spa waters of Nea Apollonia. State-of-the-art facilities and wellness treatments in a tranquil setting allow body and soul to heal and recover their ideal harmony.


Με την ευγενική χορηγία


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